My cryptographic thriller novel Tetraktys (Emerald Bay Books) was published in 2009. Among other things, it touches on such outlandish topics as struggles by the NSA with backdoors in random number generators. You can find some endorsements of the book below. It’s available at Amazon.com as a print book or a Kindle e-book.


“A book with top-level political threats, an ages-old conspiracy and a lot of codes cannot escape comparison with The Da Vinci Code. However, Tetraktys reads like a scientist’s revenge: popular fiction doesn’t have to make nonsense of science, does it?” (Rating: “Excellent”)

ZDNet UK, Wendy Grossman

“Juels laces Tetraktys with many of the ‘what if’ scenarios that keep cryptographers up at night … The novel adds Juels to a handful of security specialists using fiction to hash out potential security hacking scenarios for coming years.”

Boston Globe, Mark Baard

“As a novelist, Juels’s style approaches that of Umberto Eco … Tetraktys is a remarkable work of fiction…”

Slashdot, Ben Rothke

“Code-breaking, forgeries, murder, romance, ancient Greek cults brought to life, three-letter agencies defending national security–what more could one want? A compelling tale, well told!“

—Prof. Ronald L. Rivest, M.I.T., the `R’ in RSA