CS 7430 (Spring 2015)

Syllabus for CS 7430: Special Topics in Applied Security and Privacy

Spring 2015
Instructor: Ari Juels (Jacobs Institute, Cornell Tech)
Room: Gates 416 (Ithaca) and Ursa (NYC)

In this seminar / reading group, we will devote several weeks to each of a small range of topics in security and privacy, studying both classic and current papers. Topics will include virtual currency (particularly Bitcoin), machine learning (security applications and attacks), user authentication (including study of commercial offerings such as Yubikey and Touch ID), and cloud computing (e.g., trusted hardware and cryptography). We will read one and sometimes two papers a week. Students are expected to participate in and occasionally lead discussions. 

26 Jan.             Seminar overview and logistics
Topic 1: Virtual Currencies
2 Feb.
9 Feb.
16 Feb.           Presidents’ Day
23 Feb.
Topic 2: Machine Learning and Security
2 Mar.
9 Mar.
16 Mar.         No meeting
23 Mar.
Topic 3: Cloud Computing
30 Mar. No meeting (Spring break)
6 Apr.
13 Apr.
Topic 4: User Authentication
20 Apr.
27 Apr.        [Charter Day: Make-up to be scheduled]

4 May
  • Paper(s) to be selected by group.